Private lessons provide one-on-one instruction to fit your student’s learning needs while increasing their passion and knowledge of music.  30- and 60-minute time slots are available depending on your student’s experience.

Areas of Study

Piano Voice Ukulele

*Beginning Guitar Now Available!*

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Introduce new concepts
  • Challenge student to succeed
  • Assess student’s progress

Student Responsibilities

  • Complete each assignment
  • Practice the recommended amount of time each week
  • Come prepared to lesson
  • No gum chewing!

Any lesson cancellation needs at least 24 hours advance notice, except in case of an emergency.  Lack of preparation is not an excuse for cancellation.


Performance is crucial to musical growth. Studio performance options are offered all year; visit the Classes Page for details.  Accompanist will be provided and compensated by the Student when appropriate.


In the event that a Student chooses to perform at a recital, they will adhere to a dress code that is business casual.  You want to be comfortable, but look presentable.  Ask your instructor to review Dress Code options.

Required Items

  • Instrument
  • Pencil
  • Water bottle
  • 1” black three-ringed binder
  • Lesson and Theory assignments
  • Assignment Book
  • Metronome
  • Flash Cards
  • Tuner – guitar and ukulele

Student will be responsible for cost of all materials.  Upon request, the instructor may purchase materials and be reimbursed with the next scheduled payment.

Recommended Items

  • Studio Essentials Kit
  • Pitch Pipe – voice lessons only
  • Book bag
  • Recording device
  • CD or mp3 player for practicing with accompaniment

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