The # 1 rule is to have fun!  If you or your student feel a change needs to be made, the studio has an “open door” policy and you may submit questions or concerns at any time.

Policies and Expectations may change without notice.  It’s the Student’s responsibility to check back often and review any changes.


Each student must have a current registration packet on file.  You will need to register your Student each year depending on the classes available, but only one full packet is necessary unless your information changes.  Registration packet includes classes enrolled, contact information, credit card on file, and photo release form.

Private Lessons:

All private Students are required to agree to policies set forth on the Private Lesson page, and will sign a simple contract stating they understand the required behaviors; Students under 18 years of age must have an accompanying legal guardian signature.  Lessons will begin and end on time, so please arrive early and enter respectfully to allow for transitions.

Sometimes a lesson will run a few minutes over, but please speak up if a lesson is running too late.

Group Classes:

Please enjoy safe fun during classes.  A lot of activity is involved in each class so it’s recommended that everybody wears layers and comfortable clothes, allowing for unrestricted movement.

A child’s behavior is always evolving.  Part of the experience is finding what works for everyone, so we may experience different behaviors during class.  There may be moments when your Student needs time to him or herself, but they are welcome to join back in when they are ready.

A supervising adult is required to accompany Students enrolled in Mountain Minimusik. Adult supervision is recommended based on your child’s level of comfort for all other Classes.

Absences and Cancellations:

Contact your instructor if there will be an absence.  Written notice and date of return must be submitted prior to the next billing statement.  If you no longer plan to continue, credit card information will be purged. If the Student does not show up for 3 lessons or classes without contact, it will be understood that you will no longer be participating.



When you enroll in Emily’s Music Studio all tuition will be paid monthly, unless other arrangements are made.  No refunds will be available, but you may contact your instructor to discuss available options.  If you register after the first lesson of the month, tuition will be prorated for your first month.

Emily’s Music Studio recognizes that Students participate in activities throughout the Community, however all Students are encouraged to continue Classes and Lessons year-round. Group Class tuition is based on lessons scheduled for each term:

Fall: September-November; Winter: December-February; Spring: March-May; Summer: June-August.  There will be no deductions for holidays or classes missed.

In the event of an absence from Private Lessons, students may receive a make-up lesson or credit to be used at the Instructor’s discretion.

Billing statements will be distributed electronically by the 3rd week each month.  All scheduling, cancellations, or other arrangements must be approved prior to distribution. Electronic receipt may be available upon request.

Payment – Cash, Check or Credit Card:

All students must have a credit card on file.  Debit cards will be accepted as credit. Indicate if you prefer automatic credit card payments or cash/check payments.  All checks will be made payable to Emily’s Music Studio.  All payments are due on or before the 1st of the month.

Credit Card Processing

3% will be added to all automatic credit card payments for processing on the 1st of the month.  If you wish to pay in advance or by cash/check, it is due before the 1st of the month and the transaction fee will be waived.

Late/Insufficient Funds:

A $10 late fee will be added to the next scheduled payment if tuition is not received by the due date or if funds are not available when paying by check or credit card.  Alternate payment options are available upon request and must be made prior to receiving your billing invoice.


Studio Essentials Kit is now available to order!  Request an order form from your Instructor. Items may be purchased separately or as a whole Kit: Personalized tote bag, water bottle, 1-inch black 3-ring binder and spiral notebook.

Private Lessons:

You will need an instrument to practice at home, however books or other supplemental items may be required during private lessons.  You may have your Instructor purchase items when deemed necessary and reimbursement will be added to the next scheduled payment.

Discounts and Promotions:

Occasionally, additional promotions arise so keep your eyes open!

Multi-class/Sibling Discounts:

Emily’s Music Studio would like to encourage everyone to participate in the variety of programs offered. As long as the Student is willing to contribute to each setting in a positive and constructive way, the Studio has discount options available to fit your needs. Ask your Instructor for details!


Refer a friend and upon their registration, you receive a thank you from the studio!  It’s so easy; submit their Name, Contact Phone/E-mail, and indicate which instrument or class they are interested in.  Upon registration, Class Referrals will be used towards Class Prizes; Private Lesson Referrals will be used towards Private Lesson Tuition.  Cross-Referrals discount will be left to the discretion of the Instructor.


If you are previewing a group class, your first class is free.  After that you may register for monthly tuition or Drop-In at $15/class.  Private lesson students may schedule their initial meeting with their Instructor free of charge.  Drop-Ins are $35 for 30 minutes unless registration for monthly tuition is preferred.

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