Classes at Emily’s Music Studio run 60 minutes.  This allows time to settle in, explore many activities related to the topic of the day, and wrap up in a timely manner.

Register today and don’t miss out on all the fun in 2017.  In the event you no longer wish to participate, please notify your Instructor.  Watch out for news and announcements on Facebook!

Group Classes – Please contact the studio for availability.

Mountain Minimusik – Ages Birth to 5 years (+ parent)

Mountain Minimusik is an early music program designed to foster your child’s learning process. There is no pressure to perform and your child can take their time to learn at their own pace.  Activities include movement exploration, pitch and rhythm recognition, family bonding, and social interaction.  These activities stimulate the learning and developmental processes of young children, preparing them for success in life. Classes are offered all year, including Musik in the Park during Summer!

NEW! Imagination Exploration – Ages 3-7

Imagination is our first learning tool.  Help your student develop this ability through play and creation so they may be successful in later endeavors.  Some benefits to Imagination Exploration include improvising, working with others, and celebrating individual creativity.

NEW! Boomwhacker Brigade – Ages 6 & up

Explore and expand your musical knowledge with pitch recognition, rhythm creation, and composition when you play with our Boomwhacker(™) sets.  Also included in our experience are unpitched percussion instruments, and an option to purchase a set for home practice!

Music Theatre Workshop – Ages 9 & up

Learn theatre technique and etiquette as you explore different roles offered in the theatre world.  Improvisation, singing, movement, and laughter are some things you will experience as you prepare for performance opportunities.  Additional field trips will be optional as they become available.



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